Drive and virtual disk in the Cloud

Collaboration and sharing

Nextcloud is a virtual disk solution in the cloud; that allows you to synchronize your documents from your PC or smartphone.
Our solution synchronizes zimbra users and groups with Nextcloud, with multi-domain support.

 Store any type of fileo

Nextcloud gives you the opportunity to store and view photos, videos, PDF files, text documents, spreadsheets, presentations.

 Synchronization PC - MacOS - GNU / Linux

Use desktop clients to keep your files in sync between your Nextcloud server and your desktop. Select one or more directories on your local machine and always have access to your latest files wherever you are. Available on Linux, Mac, Windows

 Mobile sync

Nextcloud mobile apps are available from various app stores.
The apps allow you to access, sync and upload your data, and incorporate snapshots for photos and videos, upload management, and more.

Duplication, backup and secure backup in the cloud

With Duplicati you can back up your information from your PCs or servers to your disk in the Nextcloud cloud.
Duplicati has been designed for online backup of files and folders; which are stored in encrypted form with AES-256.
You can back up data from any operating system (Windows, Linux, and Mac) and schedule full and incremental backups.
When acquiring any of our Zoffice solutions will instruct you how to backup your PCs, laptops or servers with Duplicati.

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