Corporate mail, with ActiveSync and 100% collaborative.

Zimbra Corporate Mail, is the best email suite for small and large companies; is a collaborative platform that has mail, calendar, contacts and tasks functions. Our Zoffice solution  adds new functions to Zimbra Open Source; such as: Chat, ActiveSync synchronization protocol, integrated drive and preview of Office documents.

Wherever, on any device

ActiveSync allows you to synchronize your emails, calendars, contacts and tasks with Android, Iphone, Outlook 2013 and 2016.
Synchronization with smartphones and tablets based on iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows and Android

Web Client

Zimbra has a built-in web client that runs on most of the popular web browsers, such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Likewise, the Zimbra web client allows you to use a version with only HTML that is highly recommended for older computers but that also offers very good usability.

Increase productivity and collaboration 

  • – Share and delegate calendars
    – Team calendar
    – Resource reservation (Vehicles, Rooms, Projectors, etc)
    – Share contacts, distribution lists, department calendars.
    – Instant messaging

  Embedded Drive

Embedded NextCloud allows you to:

– View videos, photos.
– View pdf, excel, word files, presentations.
– Create folders, upload files, share files
  Much more

Agenda   Management

Zimbra allows you to organize your agenda, as well as schedule and cancel meetings with anyone from your company or external.

 Exchange synchronization

Synchronization of your corporate email in the gmail app.
Navigate comfortably in your different email accounts.

Zimbra Corporate Mail and Cloud Office

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